September 2015

NWR #003
Dr. Susan Pazak
September 18

Dr. Susan Pazak is a Psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in California.  She has been featured in the TLC television show My Strange Addiction.  Sh...

NWR #002
Neil Abjuga
September 7

Neil Abjuga is an Entrepreneur and is the CEO/Owner of Coffee Island Inc.  A company specializing in Trade Show catering for organizations in the US and Canada...

NWR #001
Amir Zendehnam
September 3

Amir Zendehnam is Co-Founder and CEO of Paleo House, he's the Vice Chairman at Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus, and Chairman at California's 54t...


This sweet and spicy smoothie is as refreshing and delicious as it is super packed with micro-nutritional goodness.  Read the brief descriptions on the image f...