January 2016

NWR #020
Jonty Yamisha
February 18

Jonty Yamisha brings 15 years of experience working in corporate development, strategic planning and global business development to Coverdell. In his role as CM...

NWR #019
Daan Stots
February 15

Daan Stots is a former race car driver and a motorsport expert. He is the founder and director of Stotsy, cofounder of Afice Amsterdam and Initiator at Autospor...

NWR #018
Henrie Van Beusekom
February 7

Henrie Van Beusekom is a successful and global business entrepreneur.  He is the founder and executive director of Orlaco Products BV.  He's also a music pr...

NWR #017
Alex Arndt
February 2

Alex Arndt, a Los Angeles based music artist performs internationally sometimes under the name, The Sonic Universe.  Seasonally, Arndt tours with a full band t...

NWR #016
Mark Reasinger
January 27

Mark Reasinger is CEO and Founder of Psyx Research.  As a wireless-telecom and music executive, Mark built and led sales teams responsible for billions in ann...