Resolution For The New Year…

Every new year people set out new goals and objectives, aimed at bettering themselves.  Occasionally, some folks get cynical and decide they’ll be skipping the corny new years resolution that everybody else tries to execute.  But eventually, most go back every now and again to try and use this fresh start in order to re-align their focus and move forward.

Whether you like it or not, goals are important.  Objectives and key focus are important, and regardless of how cynical, no-nonsensical, or how logical you are, things like visualization, meditation, affirmations…etc. are all strategies that have a proven track record.  (As a bonus, here’s a list of visualization technique videos that TED talks has for you.)

Now let’s get to the heart of the subject matter; these are the two main elements you need to help you achieve your goals.

We have a list of seven (you can and should read more) books that will truly transform your life and literally create a new you.

That said, you need Audible.  This isn’t a negotiation.  We will talk about that later, but for now let’s list some of these truly amazing (AMAZING!) reads:

Are you Fully Charged: This is a fantastic and excellent book to start with.  An easy and efficient book that catapults you into the wonderful world of self-coaching and efficiency.  It gives you perspective, and practical day to day informative data that you can utilize.  It’s the perfect catapult. If you have a resolution, this is your first step.






Do The Work: Do the work is a short, sweet, and effective book to get any person that’s working on art, writing, opening a business, staying focused…etc. to actually DO THE WORK.  It helps you recognize obstacles that your very own brain my create, and pushes you to overcome them.  Considered by many to be the leading book for some of the most successful people around (Joe Rogan vouches for it personally). If your resolution includes actually doing something, you can start here.




The Charisma Myth: This is the gospel for your interpersonal self.  The basic premise is that there are certain things you need to be aware of, that will in turn give you Charisma.  The beautiful thing about this book, is that as you start reading through it, you begin to discover all sorts of incredible ways to overcome anything from anxiety of public speaking, to securing business deals, and even dealing with many many self-doubts.  We really can’t begin to describe just how powerful this book is for dealing with your own self and others. It’s remarkable. If your resolution is being an overall more successful and better person, here’s your first step.



The Like Switch: Written by a retired FBI special agent, and current renowned professor Dr. Jack Schafer, this book starts off with an account of Agent Schafer interrogating a Russian spy.  It focuses on how to build rapport, spotting liars, and how to clever fully interact with just about any person.  It’s a how-to guide, that utilizes proven techniques used by some of the world’s top agencies in “getting in”. Remarkable read with many many hidden gems such as using certain methods to getting any person and every person to like you.  If your resolution is being liked, this is a must.




You Are A Badass: Don’t believe the title?  Read the book.  This is a super fun, incredible, eye-opening, motivating, and all around POWERFUL book! It is a comprehensive tutoring book that is so well written, so clever, and so much fun to read/listen to!  Another book (like the all the books above) that ought to be read time and again.  You’re gonna love it. If your resolution is being a badass, make sure to read this book.





Magic Words: Ever get into an argument? Want to learn something about the art of negotiating?  Need to influence someone?  Would like to get out of trouble?  This is your guide.  This book cleverly and with scientific method, gives you some very serious magic. Putting the words into practice (literally speaking) is going to provide you with a lot of fun and practical ways to help you negotiate and navigate your conversations with wordplay. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it. If your resolution revolves around personal relationships, this is a great pocket book.




The Alchemist: Arguably the greatest book ever written. The beautiful power in this genius book, is that literally almost every line in this story, almost every anecdote, even almost every sentence contains a hidden message, a hidden fable, or a hidden lesson. It literally comprehensives everything you can learn from the above mentioned books and packs the like hidden easter eggs, all over. We especially recommend the audio version because it’s masterful.  This book is worthy of a thousand listens.  If at least reading one book is a resolution for your new year, this should be it.





In this day and age, most people have very little time to read books.  But if you do have the time, keep it that way!  Nothing beats actually picking up a book and physically reading it.

However, what Audible can give you, is a truly remarkable way of listening to over 180,000 audio books  that range anywhere from college textbooks, novels, and self-coaching, to economics, romance, and countless books for picking up hot chicks (and/or dudes).

It’s an app that syncs to any smart device; phones, laptops, tablets, pc…etc.

So click on the link above, get yourself a trial (if you don’t already have an account), download a free book, and give this a shot.  These books will give you a plethora of personal growth tools to help you in your new year resolution.

You literally have nothing to lose; should you not like it, cancel your free membership.  You’ll even be able to keep the book you downloaded, and still listen to it and use their services for free.  All your preferences, wish lists, and downloads will be saved and usable after canceling.


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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.