Beauty & Essex is an ethereal experience.

A sly speakeasy entrance modeled as a pawn shop, full of vintage items in glass cases, guitars hanging on the wall, a black and white checkered floor, and abrasive fluorescent lighting conceals the entrance to the restaurant campus. Then the door to the hosting area opens and all the cameras start coming out. The design is the love child of an elegantly vintage mother and a rebelliously sleek modern father. The walls display an elaborate mosaic of vintage jewelry in custom frames paired with edgy, modern light fixtures.  

Past the entry there is a bar with a dance floor, to the right is a tranquil lounge with smooth lighting and a seductive vibe, and in the back is the dining hall…the sexiest, most glamorous dining hall in the whole of Vegas, with the sexiest and most glamorous clientele around.

It’s no wonder that upon arrival, it looked like we had followed directions to a pawn shop, this place is hidden and exclusive but well worth the journey. The pawn shop contrasts with the glitz and glam of the gorgeous Cosmopolitan hotel.

As stunning as the look and feel of the place is, the level of service and elegant dishes (that likely moonlight as food-porn stars) are beyond compare. The staff operates like a well-oiled machine, and together they roll out the red carpet for their guests.

The evening was an experience— we enjoyed champagne in the mid-walkway set-up in front of the pawn shop, as intrigued passersbys shot green lasers of desire and envy in our direction. Paired with the champagne was a rich, creamy, hearty avocado, lemon, and espelette toast…we are all now very concerned about our ability to return to the world of bread and butter.

We were then escorted to the dining room— the sexy sexy dining room— for a dinner so delectable, we felt sinful consuming…it was well worth the 30 Hail Marys. One of world-renowned chef Chris Santos’ signature dishes, and my favorite, was the Elote Style Scallops, served on charred corn salad, chipotle, lime, and cilantro. It was earthy enough to be comfort food, but light enough to be a refreshing, sophisticated gift from the Gods of both sea and land.

While we all had those eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head-moments of deep, silent enjoyment while eating, the dish style and ambiance created the perfect setting for socializing. The portions are perfect for group sharing, enabling an elevated level of intimate conversation and interaction.

After dinner, we retired to the lounge for some custom après-dinner shots, and eventually made our way to the dance floor with some signature cocktails, among them was the O.D.B. “Old Dirty Bramble,” featuring Maestro Dobel ‘Diamante’ tequila, smoked blackberries, honey, ginger juice, and lemon.

The rest of the night is classified, but all I can say is that the Beauty & Essex experience is divine, it’s ethereal, it’s sexy, it’s glamorous, and it will be repeated as often as the gods permit…which will be far more often now that Beauty & Essex is making its way to LA.

Cielo Villaseñor

Author: Cielo Villaseñor

Cielo has an eclectic background which includes politics, media relations, academia, and lots of writing.

From Capitol Hill to the university halls, she has kept constant her penchant for the art of authorship and engaging communication.

In her spare time, she likes to paint with acrylic, watch sci-fi series, and is currently struggling through the first stages of mastering the cello.