Imagine your childhood. Memories of playing with friends on the monkey bars, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and enjoying life as a young kid. Remember that homework? It wasn’t usually very difficult, but it was always in the way before you could get out and play. What would your childhood have been like without the school work?

Schools around the nation have been eliminating homework from student’s lifestyles and it’s had some positive effects.

According to Washington Post, “students have not fallen back academically and may be doing better, and now they have ‘time to be creative thinkers at home and follow their passions.”

By removing homework from children’s responsibilities it allows them to spend more quality time with their families and friends. They can create long lasting memories and actually learn about areas that interest them. sheds light on this revelation and questions why this notion of a homework less education hasn’t started earlier. “The answer, according to one former teacher, may have to do with the goal of the education system.”

Fee breaks down research by John Taylor Gatto, which you can read here along with the rest of the article.

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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

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