Marxist clowns to the left, and the Kekistani jokers on the alt-right, you are all an outcome of the Deep State Project. And here the rest of us are, Stuck In The Middle With You.

To make it concise, it is the post 9/11 era that truly spear-headed the Alt-right, while galvanizing the PC culture into a rocket ship that’s captained by the liberal astronauts.

To many who might be surprised to learn this, the Alt-Right is actually a reactionary faction that was born from Republican contempt towards the Bush/Cheney post 9-11 era.

That is to say the Alt-Right is not Trump’s Frankenstein, rather it’s literally an “alternative right” to the Bush doctrine, and it’s not all bad; for example, the Alt-Right was staunchly anti-war (still is).  They’re pro civil freedom, they are also pro free-trade and free-markets.  They’re certainly loud and proud, but since when was nationalism considered a bad thing in this country?  Because if the clowns on the left are actually against nationalism, then they must absolutely condemn every single political element they have ever backed.  Nobody holds office without swearing a nationalist oath (in which they always break, so maybe we can spare the liberal clowns after all).

Though today, the Alt-Right is mostly demonized by pointing out only one dimension that some of its’ followers proclaim; Nazism.

Matter of fact, if we take a look at J.Q Public’s identification of the Alt-Right it goes something like this:

“Alt-right beliefs have been described as isolationist, protectionist, antisemitic, and white supremacist,[6][7][8] frequently overlapping with Neo-Nazism,[9][10][11][12] nativism and Islamophobia,[13][14][15][16][17] antifeminism, misogyny, and homophobia,[9][18][19][20][12] right-wing populism,[21][22]”

Notice how the only positive… they’re all demonizing.

Could there not be one single good element to the Alt-Right? On first glance you can see a resemblance in how the anti-war stance has been convoluted then labeled as “isolationism”.
When Ron Paul was battling it out with the neocon war-hawks, the GOP establishment labeled him in the same manner; apparently calling for “peace, commerce and trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none” is somehow “isolationist”.

Yet the Alt-Right (with their flaws and all), do have some great qualities; lower taxes, limited government, pro-freedom, anti-war, and the call to preserve their white culture (whatever that may be).
Barring immoral trajectories, it’s more than fascinating that “white pride”, or “white nationalism” is somehow deemed inappropriate and even Nazi’esq [SIC], whereas gay pride, brown pride, black pride, muslim pride, asian pride and a litany of other prides which push for “diversity”, are all not just accepted, but encouraged and even forced (see affirmative action and the rest of the unconstitutional instruments which disallow freedom of association).

When we take a look at the past eight years of Obama, and add to it another eight years of Bush, we can see a clear cut sign of liberal stage-shifting inside the walls of higher education, as well as the political theatre as a whole. That’s sixteen years of pushing an ever growing PC agenda, forced integration, forced diversity, and the call to end freedom of association. That is not to say that other cultures haven’t been wronged by the state either; the establishment as well as the state continued to demonize muslims immediately after the September 11 attacks; it was the driving force that was necessary to push the climate of fear and victimhood, into the precipice of an endless war on terrorism.  A war against every man, woman, and child on the planet is more like it.
The Alt-Right understand the motive of the Military Industrial Complex, and although liberals are absent in today’s anti-war discussion, most folks would be surprised to learn that the Alt-Right are actually anti-war (at the very least in theory).

Liberals and leftists alike should take note that it was the Alternative Right at the time, that stood up against the establishment GOP’s Bush doctrine. They stood up against the Iraq and even the Afghanistan war. They began to feel a rift in the social structure of the country, where the state was blaming Iraq for 9-11, fear-mongering the world from Islamic terrorism, yet at the same time internally condemning white folks for their behaviors towards American Muslims. What a paradox.

“The term comes from “alternative right,” which was first formulated near the end of the Bush presidency to describe the anti-Bush Right. Ron Paul fans, paleoconservatives and anyone else who opposed the policies of the Bush administration — particularly the Iraq war — could be placed under this umbrella in the beginning. That was how it was described by future Rand Paul adviser Jack Hunter in a 2009 article urging for the movement to take a more libertarian turn.”

Yet, this is the ultimate divide and conquer strategy on steroids; shift the internal focus away from the state, pit the citizenry against one another, and at the same time unite the internal organs of the nation in order to support the state on the foreign front. It’s a two-prong approach, with the utility of Soros and other globalists pushing the marxist social agenda, while Carl Rove think-tanks galvanize the Zeitgeist for never-ending international conflicts.  Roughly two decades later we see the ultimate dichotomy; post-modernists to the left, Alt-righters to the right.

In his article “Today’s Civil Strife Is Rooted in Economic Frustration and Fallacy”, Dan Sanchez brilliantly paralleled how the Occupy Wall-street movement was hijacked into Democratic Socialism through Bernie Sanders, then showcased the Tea Party being hijacked into neocon territories and eventually into Alt-Right territories through Trump attacking immigration, China, and Mexico.

Do we see a common theme here?  Citizens fed up with the state (both left and right), eventually united on two separate front-lines (Occupy and Tea-Party), taking action against a perpetrator (the establishment/state), suddenly became fed up with each other through a slight of hand; while both sides shifted their focus away from the state (i.e. Wall-street bankers on the left, and the Federal Reserve on the right), they have somehow managed to turn to their violator (the state) and ask that it mediates on each of their behalf.
Simply put, the state hedged its bets, and it was paid in dividends.

And while Clowns seem to take pride and seriousness in their craft, the jokers relish in witnessing the entire circus crashing and burning like a moth in flames.  It’s almost reminiscent of the climactic circus scene in Disney’s Dumbo; where clowns dressed as firemen made the climate evermore treacherous against their own goal by accidentally lighting up more fires through their own ineptitude, while their counterparts mockingly continued to add more fuel to it in an attempt at putting it out.

The Show Must Go On.

As the pendulum moves hard to the left, it is equally gaining momentum to swing back further to the right, and as it heads to the opposite side during each thrust, the sheer force is compounded within every swing; methodically taking out whatever may be present in its path, since the middle remains to be the common area hit hardest with each stroke coming from both sides.

Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.