Meryl Streep received some type of award for some role she played in a film, during some annual ceremony where actors congregate in order to celebrate themselves, while many people around the globe tune in.

As usual, these Hollywood performers seem to believe that they have a responsibility to tell lesser humans how to vote.

Fortunately, enough Americans decided not to listen to people such as Meryl & Co. because otherwise a sociopath known as Hillary (one could label her Obama 2.0, or Bush 3.0), would have been working diligently (as her media apparently still is) to get us into war with Russia.  I’m not sure about Meryl and her fans, but I would imagine nuclear fallout would surely impede their entire relationship as there would be no Hollywood.


Meryl Streep chose to make a political stand against president elect Donald Trump during her acceptance speech last night at the award ceremony (Golden Globe?). Barring that acting certainly doesn’t warrant any person exceptional wisdom, it’s rather con-fuddling (a Max Horowitz term that combines confusing and puzzling) that one would see another wave of democrats as well as leftists stand up for such a silly statement.

Meryl Streep (as many Hollywood and liberal folks) seems to still have a gripe with things that Donald Trump said.  Yet, interestingly enough they have no problem with things that Obama and Hillary have actually done.  Let’s make a list of comparison…


1. Supposedly a bully.

2. Said offensive things.

3. Threatens to build a wall and deport illegal aliens (imagine that; a president that wishes to enforce the laws of his country).

4. Friendly with Russia (this truly ought to be a positive thing; since when is peace a negative?).

5. Fired many people.

6. Has terrible hair.


1. THE most militarily aggressive president in American history with not one single day of peace during his presidency.  That is, 8 years of bombing other countries, effectively at war longer than any past president.

2. Bombed more muslim countries than any president in history.

3. To rally against Trump, says we ought to allow illegal immigrants to stay, yet he has deported more people than all past presidents combined until the 1800s. (Between 2009 and 2015 his administration has removed more than 2.5 million people through immigration orders)

4. More than doubled our national debt to 19 trillion.

5. Campaigned for a nuclear-free world yet his last expenditure thus far is 1 trillion dollars to build more nuclear weaponry.

6. Kept none of his promises; more war, still in Iraq, did not close Guantanamo, did not legalize Marijuana (more raids on dispensaries than the Bush administration), least transparent administration in history, went after journalists and whistle-blowers more than any past president ever (arguably other than Lincoln), more corporate and Wall Street bailouts, Obamacare more expensive and patients did not keep their plans, more of the same…no change.

7. Drone-Struck AKA assassinated (80% innocent casualties) and mutilated more citizens than any president ever, then bragged about it jokingly saying “I’m good at killing people“. Reminiscent of Bush’s abhorrent “those weapons gotta be somewhere” in reference to the Iraq debacle.  I’m sure at correspondence dinners, these jokes are in jest.  But why don’t they tell those jokes to the millions of displaced and shredded Iraqis that are suffering due to these conflicts, whom have lost everything. Tell those jokes at bedside to the children that are growing up mutilated, and to the the families that have been massacred (over one million). Tell those jokes to the military veterans that come back broken and hung out to dry. Tell those jokes to the widows of the 4,000+ servicemen and women that have lost their lives looking for those weapons that “gotta be somewhere”. Tell those jokes to the 20 veterans that commit suicide everyday.

8. Extended the Patriot Act (instead of repealing it as promised).

9. Allowed more NSA spying on American citizens (the opposite of what he promised).

10. Talked about gun control yet sold more arms than any administration in history, with over 30 billion worth going to arguably the most abhorrent abuser of human rights on the planet in Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the Fast and Furious scandal where the US government sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels who ended up using said weapons against our very own border patrol agents.

11. Gave former president George Bush absolute immunity for everything, making it impossible for the US to hold Bush’s administration accountable for any wrong-doing during his presidency, including crimes such as treason and civil liabilities.

12. Deployed Special Ops forces to 134 countries.

13. Passed the Monsanto Protection Act; signing a bill that “effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.”

We can list many many more deplorable and abhorrent elements that the Obama administration managed to sprout in this country.  Hillary’s agenda is on par with Obama, we will spare you that duster.

So when Meryl Streep and her hoard of lemmings, that think watching the Clinton News Network, or any other illegitimate news organization (such as MSNBC or FOX), is a valid source for information, they ought to reconsider their entire political philosophies.

To conclude, perhaps Trump is a silly orange man with horrible hair, perhaps Trump says offensive statements and has a trolling Twitter feed, perhaps Trump might be a horrible president… but the truth remains that he hasn’t been in office yet.  And he isn’t responsible for the massacre of hundreds of thousands as well as the displacement of millions.

And with regards to her incoherent rambling and bashing Mixed Martial Artists, well, they already addressed her ignorance in that aspect.

So to Meryl Streep and everybody else that sheepishly echoes empty rhetoric which carries no actual weight other than an appeal to emotion, please do us the favor: Shut the fuck up, and sit the fuck down.


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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.