It seems like the Trump campaign has been taking a page out of Brittany Spears’ book; the guy just can’t stomp [SIC] himself from making statements that are either stupid, bigoted, or just plain false.

His campaign has been having a rather exceptional success in America, as it seems to be targeting racists or people that have comprehension equal to that of a 4th grader.

His supporters are typically parroting cheesy (and erroneous) slogans such as “he tells it like it is.” The irony of their ignorance is only proof of the dangers of democracy (or what’s left of it) in America. They boast his bullying and bigotry by creating memes of statements he’s made, and posing what they believe to be “thought-provoking” questions that compare genocidal atmospheres to poisonous grapes. One can give such stupid hordes a collective pass with regards to their inflated ego and supposed American “patriotism”, however each time The Donald Dunce says something outrageous, and after his supporters encourage it, their supreme savior seems to be apologizing or tailoring his statements. Typically with an “What I meant was” or “I didn’t know” or “Durrrr…”

His supporters then come to the rescue like the cavalry, to salvage the disgusting actions of their savior. They also seem to believe he’s not an establishment figure; he won’t be bought because he’s rich. Trump though did admit that he’s aware of the corruption by announcing that he paid off legislators himself (insert face-palm here).

The Trump crowd also seems satisfied however, that the man has proposed some fascist and also racist ideas. All one has to do is typically replace the word “Muslim” with “Jewish” in Trump’s grandiose suggestions, and the American flag under a Trump presidency will resemble more that of a swastika.

Suffice to say, the Trump campaign is a fantastic homing device for racist undertones and idiocy.  If one were to be in search of such groups to mentally analyze in the year 2016.

Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.