Ecstasy (pure form known as MDMA) is on the verge of becoming an FDA approved drug, as the Federal Drug Administration agrees for new PTSD relief trials.

This news (coming after the Drug Enforcement Agency had already approved MDMA (Ecstasy) for anxiety treatment trials in California over a year ago) is another hopeful revelation to many people suffering from such mental disorders.

It seems as evolve in the new age of information and technology, more and more knowledge is surfacing with regards to alternative medicine.  One branch of illicit drugs that’s been making a powerful resurrection onto the medical scene is that of psychedelics; from LSD, to Ayhawasca.

And though the US government has consistently duped its citizenry with regards to the dangers of these substances (a brief history of deplorable Marijuana propaganda comes to mind), some of the most advanced thinkers, entrepreneurs, and even business women have been wise enough to brush aside that rhetoric.

New York Times best-selling author and former drug-policy lawyer, Ayelet Waldman, reflects on her years of suffering from PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) which is a severe form of PMS that mimics depression;

“I wrote a whole book called Bad Mother [which was published in May 2009]. If I had been micro-dosing back then, I probably would have written Remarkably Calm, Compassionate Mother.”  

And though New Jersey’s Narcotic Drug Study Commission chairman labeled LSD as “the greatest threat facing the country today” and went on to describe it as even “more dangerous than the Vietnam War”, there are numerous studies that contend LSD can make you smarter and happier.  As a matter of fact, according to a Forbes article, many of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds consistently micro dose on LSD.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is currently a leading organization that’s been studying the effects and safety of psychedelics for decades.  It is also the first to receive DEA approval for Marijuana lab testing.

In addition to this, their newest update:

“MAPS is undertaking a roughly $22 million plan to make MDMA into a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription medicine by 2021”

The wheel of enlightenment keeps on turning, as as the millennia moves forward, the proverbial wheel seems to be accelerating.  With studies concluding that alcohol is more harmful to mental health than psychedelics, it is no wonder that we are starting to see healers and patients from around the world organizing major conferences and events surrounding psychedelics.

From PTSD sufferers using Ayahuasca to treat their symptoms, to addicts curing their alcohol addiction with Psilocybin (magic mushrooms), the globe seems to be flourishing with people that are waking up and refusing to adhere to Big Pharma’s long and vice grip on health care. As a matter of fact, according to a John Hopkins trial, the hallucinogen in “Magic Mushrooms” helped even longtime smokers quit.

Today, the approval of Ecstasy (MDMA) as a viable drug option is very real, as ongoing trials show remarkable potential.

As MAPS is looking to secure the funding and administering their phase three trials, once passing them, it should take roughly six-months to two-years before the FDA steps in to give the final green light for manufacturing Ecstasy (MDMA).

Cynthia McKelvey at does a fantastic job of breaking down this process in her Gizmodo article.

With MAPS showing great strides through the utilization of Ecstasy (MDMA) in treating anything from PTSD to eating disorders, it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to receive your Rx from your physician.

“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life,”Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.