Elsagate will be the next rabbit hole following Pizzagate. As the news story is starting break after this reddit thread made its way to 4chan and twitter, the block chain of online volunteers was more than ample to quickly identify at least one couple involved in curating these absolutely bizarre and harmful youtube children’s videos.

UPDATE: We have published two videos in regards to this, Pattern Psychology video here and Subliminal-Programing here.

The site Investigating YouTube, have done extraordinary work in exposing how these children-themed YouTube videos that use algorithms and hidden coding to target a very vulnerable  demographic, have purposefully installed Dismemberment, Kidnapping, Scat and urine fetishism, Drug injections, Pregnancy,  Abortions, Learned Helplessness, and other content that would be severely dangerous and damaging to children. The dangers lay in desensitization and other forms of programming.

Where’s the crime? The actual criminal act is using text programming on YouTube kids channels, in order to drive children related material to these videos, knowingly with abrasive purposes. Note that these videos are disguised through playful music, and sound effects rendering any parent not paying attention, helpless to stop their child from binge watching these disturbing programs.

This is the officially verified YouTube Kids channel Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs, that is clearly riddled with all sorts of inappropriate innuendos; you can watch just one of their VERY DISTURBING videos HERE; (Pay attention to marks 32:41, 05:15, 10:50, and especially 51:37 which clearly uses a very popular lullaby then makes an absolutely suggestive scene that portrays penetration).

Would you allow your children to watch these?  If so, please check yourself into the nearest mental hospital.
If not, keep that in mind when you consider that just one of these channels alone has over nine million subscribers, and one of their videos alone has over eighty five million views.  When you add up the collective hive of channels, their viewership reaches billions. With a “B.”

At first glance, these videos might not seem as harmful, but as the user HoneyBee describes some aspects of their videos, and goes deeper with more examples, there seems to be a lot of bizarre and extremely traumatizing material, not only targeted towards kids, but also seem to abuse their own children during the taping.  You can watch Super Hero Fun Fun and decide for yourself, what the mind of a child that doesn’t understand context and can barely put together a sentence, goes through when being exposed to such traumatic scenes such as the ones that are convoluted with children music and hypnosis. As HoneyBee points out, you can google “frozen elsa spiderman” for examples on material and images that these people are pushing on Youtube and the YouTube Kids app.

Twitter has been trending Elsagate as of yesterday and today is no different; Standup Comic and podcast icon Joe Rogan, had taken to twitter and even hash-tagged Elsagate. These videos have been reported to the FBI and are pending official Elsagate investigation.  And even though this is absolutely alarming to most (certain videos contain over eighty thousand dislikes, alongside numerous complaints in comments), YouTube has to take any of them down or take them away from the kids approved networks.










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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.