Breaking news of German soccer club Bayern Munich sacking their Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti is engulfing social media and other sports outlets at the moment, and as management look to find a replacement, Guus Hiddink is suggested as their best answer.

It is no secret that the former Italian coach has had a rough start to the season while yesterday delivering Bayern’s lousiest Champions League group-stage performance in over two decades.

After witnessing Bayern sit at third place in the Bundesliga following Dortmund and Hoffenheim, following yesterday’s game, Bayern head chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge called for a “crises meeting” and had warned that there would be consequences following this latest defeat in Paris.

According to Sportbild, assistant coach Willy Sagnol will take over temporarily as the football club aims to find a new replacement.

Which begs the question of who can be available?

The answer is nobody thats’ worthy or capable. The only two limelights are former Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel, and current Hoffenheim gaffer Julian Nagelsmann.

Though Tuchel is an ok option, he’s just not Bayern world-class yet. And in terms of the young Nagelsmann whom has been a rocket fire ship springing through the Bundesliga, it would be an exceptionally high-risk move to accept a buy-out from Bayern;

  1. He would come off as an absolute cut throat to leave his current team high-and-dry.
  2. If this process starts and the deal doesn’t go through, he would have an impossible time with his current hometown to get back in the mix.
  3. If he failed to perform for Bayern and they sack him early on, his career would be in absolute jeopardy.
  4. While he is young, he can still respectfully decline this offer due to ethical standards, and that would be the correct move, as it would garner much more respect both from Bayern brass, and the fans. He would be able to continue his growth at Hoffenheim, and make a move to the major clubs later on.

Bring us to the present…

One giant soccer coach that has enjoyed stardom and absolutely dazzled the world with his coaching is dutch Tsar Guus Hiddink.

Hiddink had formed a reputation in not only salvaging teams, but changing the lives of the athletes within them.  You can ask the former Chelsea superstar striker, Didier Drogba, among many of his Chelsea colleagues at that time, how Guus Hiddink managed to not only bring forth an incredible season, but also managed to change their lives.

Guus Hiddink is a man of unparalleled experience in terms of performance, adaptability and diversity. Coaching national teams such as South Korea, and Australia into worl-cup heights they’ve never achieved before. Salvaging Chelsea two seasons ago, mid-way, from sixteenth position, to tenth. Taking on the Russian national team and elevating them into the spot-light 2008 Euro-cup semi-final, and even lending his time to a Kavkaz-based (south of Russia) Dagestan club FC Anzhi Makhachkala.

Anywhere this man goes, he is always asked to come back during a crises because of his work; Chelsea’s last season salvage comes to mind first, though he’s been doing this for quite some time.

“In 1988 he managed his old club PSV to a domestic and European treble. He led Holland and South Korea to respective semi-finals in the 1998 and 2002 World Cup finals. Made manager of the Australian national team”

But if you think his ship has sailed, think again:

Three days ago, the South Korea Herald front page reads: Natl. football coach says he is willing to accept Hiddink’s help.  When asked about the poll coming out, showcasing that more than 70% of South Koreans want Hiddink back, he stated: “I can understand that fans have nostalgia for Hiddink because what happened in 2002 was really a miracle”.  After all, South Korea World Cup stadium in Gwangju was renamed to “Guus Hiddink Stadium”, and he was even awarded a citizenship.

Just earlier in September The Daily Telegraph reported that former Socceroo Robbie Slater calling for Hiddink to come back and lead Australia in the world cup again “Bring back Guus – he got the job done with the 2006 World Cup squad and knows the Australian way”.

Needless to say, there just aren’t many top-notch coaches at the moment that are ready, whom would make an excellent fit, and can take Bayern to quickly tilt their performance.

The only other name that would come across as perfect is the last coach to give Bayern Munich the status that they deserve; Jupp Heynckes.
But Heynckes has retired, and he’s a legend that deserves to hang his hat exactly the way he did.

Click-bait headline, yes.
For that we apologize, but Ancelotti did get sacked, and Bayern fans are thirsty for a beast of a manager to come in and deliver what most have been failing to deliver for them; the Champions League cup.  That beast is Hiddink and nobody is talking about him in this regard.

In conclusion, Bayern fans are tired of the “patch job” that the Bavarian management has been known for. Share this article, make a demand, let’s get Hiddink to the Allianz Arena.



Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.