The Democratic National Committee MUST just reject Hitlerly Clinton’s bid to the white house after the entire scientific community alongside NASA and the Hubble Telescope German chairman Seingmore Stüph, handed over declassified reports that confirm Clinton is not an Earthling. This claim seems to re-affirm notions mentioned in a Time Magazine Article regarding reptilians living amongst us.

Indeed it is evident that according to these documents however, that Clinton is a Lizard-Person sent down to us by space-aliens (the green kind; not Mexico’s quantum physicists), in order to gulp Earth’s Oxygen levels and breathe back a technologically advanced fiery wretchedness, which operates immediately to erode Earth’s populace into a smoldering heap of corruption and anti-matter.

This conclusion comes after breaking news regarding one of Hillary Clinton’s aides (Philippe Reines) was exposed to have been coordinating with CNN reporter (Elise Labott) during Clinton’s Benghazi trial, in an attempt to smear presidential hopeful Rand Paul, and divert attention from his justified criticism towards Clinton’s blundering and abhorrently negligent misconduct of what is now a Libyan disaster.

According to emails that are the focus of a Gawker lawsuit against the state department, Elise Labbott apparently takes requests from the Clinton campaign. This is an utmost revolting (as well as unethical) form of journalism. Not because she’s collaborating with a political aide, mind you, but rather because it’s an allegiance with a fire-breathing, war-mongering, lying, corrupt, and repugnant enemy of Mother Earth.

In other news, sources proclaim that Hillary Clinton “doesn’t suck”.

Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.