With a few day left until the Sawdust Festival closes their gates, Beatles Day remains a standout of the summer festival.

Last Saturday, The Sawdust Festival celebrated the love of Beatles with art and music. Cover band, Really Classic, belted out favorite tunes from the iconic group.


Really Classic performing Beatles hits



A decked out hippie van awaited guests at the entrance of the festival. Visitors could take a selfie with The Beatles themed van.


Beatles Day Bus

The music filled the air, and guests enjoyed the atmosphere and featured artists. Their beautiful creations ranged from clothing to paintings to sculptures.

A few eye-catching artists included Alex Fritz, Laurel Meister, and Walter Reiss. Each added a unique twist and approach to their work.


Alex Fritz creates glass pieces using a technique called flameworking. This form of glassblowing uses a torch to meld rod and glass. Once melted, you can manipulate the product to get the shape you want. He creates one of a kind pieces like these gorgeous chess pieces.

Check out his website to order a custom item, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


Laurel Meister works with illustrations, mixed media, painting and jewelry. She makes children’s pieces, and appears in many children’s hospitals across the West Coast. She is also creating a children’s book, “Our Seven Wonders”, and finds inspiration from her own kids.

Her exhibit featured at the Sawdust Festival included pieces inspired by fortune cookies. Her work is trendsetting, and she promotes a strong voice through a vibrant message. She is able to take such a simple concept and turn it into a unique collection.

Her website features her current and past work, and connections to upcoming events. Follow her on Facebook to stay connected.

IMG_0731 IMG_0730

Walter Reiss is umatched. His works speaks a different voice then those around him. He is a sculptor with a studio here in Laguna Beach, and his resume is impressive. He appears in many articles and competitions throughout his career, and has been a member of Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach since 1974.

Reiss uses clay to play on social and political topics. He is able to shape and mold the clay to create one-of-a-kind textural pieces. His work presents a strong message through satirical objects.

His showcased work included:


“Pedophile Priests”



“Baby Face With Bullets”


“This Is Not Art”

You can connect with Reiss through his email (wallyclay@gmail.com) or give him a call at (949) 949-6641.

Check out the Sawdust Festival for their last weekend this year. Stay in touch through their Facebook to find out about more of their events.

Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

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