It seems like these days when someone mentions the word Millennials, it’s immediately met with a cringe or an eye-roll. I personally don’t consider myself a millennial because I like to think I’m not that lazy, but Millennials are getting a bad rap… most likely due to their lethargic demeanor and overall attitude towards life.

Eileen L Wittig hilariously breaks down the art of Millennialism in her Fee article, “How to Leisure Like a Lazy Millennial.”  She narrates a Millennial coming home on a Friday night after an exhausting work week. Every task is met with disdain and annoyance – it’s actually quite funny.

I’m not going to lie, her narrative basically describes my Friday night on some level or another. Take a look at this:

When I single out this one Millennial trait, it doesn’t seem so bad. What’s the harm in getting a little comfy on a Friday night?

But when Wittig effortlessly combines this with other lazy tendencies, she paints a picture of a sluggish, unachievable blob who basically has no purpose in life but to binge watch Netflix and waste their paycheck on Amazon Prime. Every aspect of this person’s life is negative, leaving no hope for happiness.

Cue the cringe and eye-roll.

While there are some Millennials who literally live this lifestyle, most are happy and carefree – just like any other generation.

For a good laugh, read the rest of Wittig’s catchy article click here.

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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

Sasha Azoqa is a content writer and has been creating multimedia projects since 2014. She studied journalism and film at Cal State Fullerton and received her bachelors degree in communications. She has freelanced with OC Weekly and The Examiner with written articles, photography and short video packages.

Sasha enjoys uncovering local people and events who are making a difference in the world.

She is currently working with Network Radio, an iHeartRadio station, as their blogger. She has her own website that features a collection of written and visual stories on interesting people, places and things. Sasha Azoqa is living in Costa Mesa, California.