Muslims in America have to deal with a very serious threat; progressive Muslims.

Ever since Donald Trump began gaining political grounds and media attention, we have seen many claims of hate-crimes in this country (though hate is deplorable, it certainly is not an actual crime, but let us digress).

First let us not pretend that racism is absent in this country, just as it is not absent in other countries.    It is understandable that many Muslims feared the Donald in the midst of media hysteria, but it is rather deplorable for some of these Muslims to cry wolf and get caught.  Such was the case for the woman at the University of Louisiana, and a litany of other fake hate crimes reported from Muslims around the globe.

To be fair, Donald Trump has spouted some rather controversial rhetoric during his campaign, which the leftist media spun and televised extensively (the bogus “Muslim registry” comes to mind as an example).

And even though hate crimes targeting Muslims are relatively rare in accordance to FBI analysis, one can understand that fear makes people apprehensive.  In this case it seems they are apprehensive enough to back the greatest threat to peace and Muslims in modern-day history; Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is projected to commit far more wars in the middle east as well as around the world.  A clear indicator of her hawkish stances, is that Hillary received nearly five times the support from defense contractors than Donald Trump.

In order to justify this reasoning, let’s take a look at Hillary’s record of being a proponent of muslim bloodshed.  This can be easily pointed out through her history of supporting wars in IraqAfghanistan, LibyaYemen, and Syria.

Hillary also supports some of the most brutal and abhorrent dictatorships around the world.  Including the Saudi regime which is renowned for its crimes against humanity as well as deprivation of women’s rights.

So it is rather confusing when Muslims (especially Muslim women) throw their support behind such a war-hungry politician that literally has an A-Z List Of Nations Destroyed by her.  More troubling is that Hillary also champions a “reset war” in Syria, an unconditional support for Israel (talk about Muslim hypocrisy), and has threatened to potentially “obliterate” Iran.

What seems to be truly interesting is that Trump by contrast is more of a peace candidate in his rhetoric against global wars.  Trump is also championing the notion to bring peaceful talks close with Russia, contrary to Hillary’s very real and dangerous hostility towards Russia through pushing for a No-Fly Zone in Syria.

So even though we have seen a slight rise in white nationalism and other controversial movements, this is fairly minimal, it is something that Donald Trump rejected publicly, and it is ultimately not a threat to Muslims and other minorities.  If anything, we can see it is the left side that is currently engaging in violent protests post their 2016 election loss.

It’s extremely pertinent to point out the hypocrisy of not just all people, but particularly Muslims that would throw their support behind a candidate that says nice things, yet their actions are that of endless war. As well as fabricating stories in order to attack a candidate that might say controversial rhetoric yet stands for peace (including peace between Israel and Palestine).

In conclusion,

Dear progressive Muslims: please stop crying wolf, lest the wolf show up one day and your cries fall on deaf ears.


Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.