Walking Dead fans, this post is for you. With the midseason premiere just around the corner, let’s take a look at how Negan and The Saviors are basically running their own government and how it is eerily similar to our own.

TJ Brown’s post, “2 Lessons Negan Can Teach Us about Government,” on Fee.org highlights three “lessons Negan taught us, or rather reminded us about government,” and warning – there are spoilers ahead.

1. “We Are All Negan”

To gain total control of his Saviors, Negan has brainwashed them to believe that they are all Negan. We see this in a number of episodes, allowing Negan to be the leader of a unified group.  This approach creates a sense of collectivism where The Saviors all abandon “their moral individualism in exchange for a strong common identity defined by governance.”

2. Of Course, There are Rules

In Negan’s world and ours, rules are a vital aspect towards maintaining a cohesive society.

One of Negan’s rules is strict gun control. Sound familiar? He believes guns are unnecessary for his followers to carry because he and his Saviors can offer the utmost protection. He also prefers to regulate this rule with a “firearm registry” that is wanted by a lot of our own society.

With these rules comes reinforcement and consequences. Negan’s idea of regulating his rules are easy – If you disobey his rules, he either kills you, kills one of your people, or takes you as a hostage (aka Daryl.) He believes his rules are simple and should be followed. Enough said.

Negan’s say is final. Whatever he decides is what he and his Saviors will do, no matter how gruesome.  We’ve seen Negan make an example of a defying Savior by having another Savior burn his face with a hot iron! It’s crazy, but that’s Negan.

3. Half of What You Own Belongs to Negan

This is where Negan truly shines. He implements a 50% tax on all of the groups under his control to “help offset the costs of universal housing, security, Negancare and anything else [he] feels like giving you to justify his brute theft.”

If you choose to disobey Negan’s tax, you are met with punishment. This meets the same consequence of defying any one of Negan’s rules – death by Lucille or imprisonment. So if you want to live, you are inclined to comply with his tax.

All of these Neganisms might be met with a wave of unease or discomfort, but it’s not that unrealistic. “Negan, with all his faults and shortcomings, is the price we pay for a civilized society.” In our society we must obey our government’s rules, and if we choose not to, we are met with consequences.

To read more on this matter, please visit Fee.org and check out the talented TJ Brown’s archive of articles.

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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

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