Aslan Tlebzu and Astemir Apanasov are two famous Circassian musicians who have mastered their craft.

Aslan Tlebzu is a well-known accordionist who graduated from the Art Insitute of the Adyghe State University in Maykop. After graduating, he performed as an accordionist with the Adygean State Folk Song Ensemble – Islamey. He is currently working on a successful solo career and is one of today’s best-known Circassian folk musicians.

Astemir Apanasov is a talented singer and actor with many years of success. His fame has reached many countries, and he even played Charlie Chaplin on Broadway in St. Petersburg.

These two stars share their vast experiences and discuss future plans for their famed careers. Read our post highlighting their DISHA Performance and 12 Starz concert on September 10.

Sasha Azoqa

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