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Eva Sowinski grew up in Northern California dreaming of becoming an animator. She taught herself to draw cartoons. In 2000 Eva moved to Los Angeles with nothing in her pocket but a dream. Her love for art grew and she began face painting & creating caricatures on the side of 2 part time jobs. After nearly 7 years she decided to quit her part time jobs to focus on her art.

In 2013 she opened A Little Known Shop with business partner Danielle Ochoa to sell for makers & artists on consignment. After 2 successful years of selling for industry professionals, animators and rising artists, Eva opened fan*alley to hone in on the geek side of art. Though her shop was only open just shy of a year, she realized overhead, being in a small shop 5-6 days a week, wasn’t what she wanted. Everyone now traveled to do cons and pop up shows, so she decided to be mobile.

Now Eva hosts monthly pop ups that have an “Artist Alley” feel and helps curate shows/galleries at comic book shops, retails stores, gaming studios and more.

In February 2016 she hosted her first annual Ground Zero Animation Expo featuring top animators from the industry to share about their work & give advice through panels & speaking to aspiring artists one on one.

The Expo is affordable and allows attendees to be up close with their favorite artists in an intimate setting. The event was such a success, the Expo will be a 2 day event in 2017. Eva’s goal is to continue doing what she loves while helping her fellow artists out, creating new opportunities for artists, getting them a fan base and putting incredible art in customers hands.

You can follow Eva on:
Instagram: @critterosity
Instagram: @shopfanalley


Author: Ameer Malkosh