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Ralph Thomas is an illustrator living in Las Vegas Nevada. He currently works full time as an artist for a game company that creates casual games for many outlets including online, Facebook, and mobile. Ralph is married and has four children which keep him busy and broke.

Several years ago Ralph made it a goal to always carry a sketchbook. At first he just carried a small pocket sized sketch book but forgot to bring it with him half the time. This led to the creation of a wallet that also contained a small sketchbook in it. Problem solved! Now there is almost never an occasion that he doesn’t have a sketchbook with him. Every time another artist, designer, or avid note taker sees the wallet they freak out and want one. So that’s when he decided to look into manufacturing the wallet and sharing it with others. He found a great factory and printer in the U.S. to make the wallets and sketchbooks and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to make this project a reality.

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You can follow Ralph on:
Instagram: @ralphabits
Instagram: @sketchwallet
facebook: sketchwallet

Author: Ameer Malkosh