Nicole and Brett start with their favorite topic: Kim K. They give us an update on the robbery and share suspects in the case. They also discuss James Cordon’s show, Carpool Karaoke, and how James will not be the host in the Apple adaption. Erin Andrews was recently engaged, but is a proposal at Disneyland the best Jarret Stoll could do? Listen to this week’s episode for more!

Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

Sasha Azoqa is a content writer and has been creating multimedia projects since 2014. She studied journalism and film at Cal State Fullerton and received her bachelors degree in communications. She has freelanced with OC Weekly and The Examiner with written articles, photography and short video packages.

Sasha enjoys uncovering local people and events who are making a difference in the world.

She is currently working with Network Radio, an iHeartRadio station, as their blogger. She has her own website that features a collection of written and visual stories on interesting people, places and things. Sasha Azoqa is living in Costa Mesa, California.