Obama (former president, and current lame-duck) has brought the United States of America to her knees bleeding, through nearly a decade of horrid leadership.

Economy, morale, public image, militarily, geopolitics of supporting terrorists, and finally the threat of a third world war

According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, the American economy has seen the worst growth rate since 1949.

But it’s not just the economy, the rampant corruption, encroachments on privacy and civil liberties, massive war expansion, an unparalleled record of broken campaign promises, and a terrible Obamadontcare  [SIC] health mandate; the buck apparently does not stop here.

Even after validated sources showed that the supposed “attacks” on our recent election were indeed generated from our very own DHS, it seems Obama is keen on taking America to an even further hell-hole by vowing to attack Russia.

And though Obama’s rhetoric is usually diplomatic and very politically deceptive, it seems he refuses to just go away like most lame-duck presidents do.  Rather, he gives another nod to the rising hoax that somehow Russia hacked the 2016 US elections.

Given the recent sergeancy in alternative media outlets which gave us factual news as opposed to the mainstream media’s false narrative, the establishment is clinching at straws; blaming Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss to new president-elect Donald Trump on anything from Wikileaks, to Russian Hackers, to “Fake News” i.e. free speech.

But the most recent smear on Obama’s already muddied face isn’t that the majority of Americans have lost any shred of trust for his administration, it’s the fact that Obama’s last ditch effort in toppling Assad was brilliantly halted by the Russian military.  As Aleppo which has been under ISIS/Terrorist control for a very long time, has finally been liberated by the Syrian army.

This is terrible news for the war-hawks, globalist oil-conglomerates, and champions of Hillary’s regime change.

It seems the threat of thrusting all of America as well as the world into a third world war, with a country that has enough nukes to wipe the United States off the face of the earth, isn’t much of a concern for people like Obama.  It’s certainly interesting to see the Democrats become the war party, as they have been ramping up and trying to resurrect the cold war.

For the majority of Americans, they won’t respect a president who has never served a day in his life for the military, yet makes casual talk of what could lead to a potential nuclear fallout.

The most appalling element in this revelation, is that Obama chose to ignore the recent reports regarding the hacks being sourced from our own US intelligence, and arrogantly chose to make public threats to a world power such as Russia.


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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.