The DISHA Performing Arts and 12 Starz hosted the talented Aslan Tlebzu and Astemir Apanasov for a memorable performance on September 10th. This night was full of Adigha classics and new sounds, with a few DISHA members dancing along.

Aslan Tlebzu is a household name in the Circassian community. This accordionist graduated from the Art Institute of the Adyghe State University in Maykop, Russia. After he graduated, he joined the Adygean State Folk Song Ensemble – Islamey, where he shined with beautiful accordion sounds. His talent in music allowed him to travel the world.

Tlebuz is now a solo artist who aims to create music for younger generations. His last three albums have proved he can do just that. With an exceptional musician career, he is also a successful artist, sound producer and composer.

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Astemir Apanasov has been in the spotlight since he was just a boy. His love for singing remains a forefront in his career. He has mastered the beautiful sounds of Adyghe, Russian, Italian and English. During his performance, he took on a serenading rendition of Michael Buble’s “I’m Feeling Good.”

While his singing career remains at the top of the charts, Apanasov is currently pursuing a career in acting. He has already starred in Broadway’s “Charlie Chaplin” in St. Petersburg.

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As the two performers sang and played the night away, The DISHA Performing Arts group matched their level of talent with dance. On a consistent basis, this group unites the Circassian community here in Orange County. They host numerous events and performances to showcase Circassian culture. They began back in 2012 to teach younger Circassian generations about the importance of dance.

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The night of music and dance would never have happened if it wasn’t for 12 Starz. They are an organization from the Adighe Republic founded by Asker Tlyustangelov and Zarema Khabakhu. They work with performers from Kavkas and create beautiful memories year round.

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Each song and  dance weaves an intricate and detailed story. These stories represent the historical events and cultural aspects that shaped the Circassian community. Proud men pursuing beautiful women, dancing in the fields, and strong women are depicted in these dances. Tlebuz, Apanasov and DISHA all use their talents to portray that message and educate a younger audience.

After the beautiful performances, the evening capped off with an exciting Jug. This celebration usually finalizes the evening with dance, music, and joy.

Tlebuz and Apanasov kicked it off with traditional Jug music, while the DISHA performers danced by their side. With the stage booming, members of the Circassian audience joined them onstage to join the festivities.

Watch the short video below to immerse in the Circassian culture and check out our exclusive interview with the two stars.


Sasha Azoqa

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