The time has come for environmentalists and wildlife protectors to take a stand against poachers and send a message, but at what cost?

In a recent article on AntiMedia, they highlight this newer law and share some of the dangers that come with it.

“Since 2014, the Indian government has granted the power to park guards to shoot and kill any and all suspected poachers with little worry they’ll face legal consequences afterward.”

In an exchange between journalist Justin Rowlatt and one of the “wildlife preserve guard[s] in India,” the guard stated,”“Yah, yah. Fully ordered to shoot them. Whenever you see the poachers or any people during night-time we are ordered to shoot them.”

In the Kazaringa National Park, a number of endangered species find comfort there including rhinos, elephants, and tigers, and just like any beautiful animal, poachers are a large threat to their species.

With the guards taking defense, this might seem like a win for environmentalists, but it could be doing harm to those in the neighboring communities of Kaziranga.

Reporting from India, Rowlett explains that “[m]any of the communities here are tribal groups that have lived in or alongside the forest for centuries, collecting firewood as well as herbs and other plants from it.”

Without borders or fences protecting the tribes, it’s easy to wander into territory that the guards deem protected land.

Many have suffered from this law, and “the hard fact is that, currently, fewer rhinos are being killed by poachers than people being killed by guards.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the law should stand or is it causing more harm than help?


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To Protect Rhinos, This National Park Shoots Poachers — 50 People Killed So Far

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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

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