“Russian Warship makes its way to US Navy fleet”  summarizes how fast the globe can descend to World War WIII.  We can take a look at some pivotal points in the interest of saving time on this breaking news;

ISIS, nearly crushed, as most rebel forces are nearing loss both in Iraq and syria. And on this news, even the president of North Korea sent congratulations to president Assad.  Adding to that, the White House had officially acknowledged that Assad was nearing the execution of a peace treaty, and that the people of Syria deserve to choose their own leadership.

Fast forward a few hours, and reports of Assad gassing his own people hits the tube. The two sides of the argument is that Syria claims they attacked an ISIS target, whereas the western world and the true “fake news” is spinning the reality as Assad gassing his own people.  The truth lies somewhere in the middle, where perhaps Assad did attack an ISIS weapons facility that certain chemicals/chemical-weapons were stored in, and said weapons may have effected people in that area.

In one sweep however, all of the sudden, a hard-nosed president Trump (whom was elected because he wouldn’t drag us into a scenario where WWIII is the outcome), suddenly changed his tune completely, and went full-swing neocon.

A man that touted the very relics that made our congress somewhat relevant, has now become the authoritarian George W Trump, in doing to Syria what was done to Iraq; Trump, ironically, took to sending up to nearly 60 missiles in order to strike a Syrian Army airfield, forgetting his own words;

In the wake of this news, you can understand that the establishment full of war-hawks and cheer-leaders of conflict, such as senator John McCain, were among many republican war-mongers to begin praising the president on his decision to bomb Syria.  And we absolutely must note that the senator from Arizona, had just visited Syria one month prior to the gas attack. This is what McCain had to say:

“Unlike the previous administration, President Trump confronted a pivotal moment in Syria and took action. For that, he deserves the support of the American people”

Even Ted Cruz, the “constitutionalist” supported the strikes.  Albeit it being rather unconstitutional to go to war without a declaration from congress.

Republicans however, weren’t the only people to support this aggression.  Many of the democrats stepped up to the plate to defend the war machine;


Amongst the very countries that helped found ISIS, it’s not surprising to see these countries support this strike which hurts the Syrian Army and helps ISIS/Al Qaeda. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan.

Even ISIS and Al Qaeda praised this move, which in turn helped them conduct an attack of their own against Syria.

As per usual in the United States of Amnesia however, people seem to forget the familiar sounds that get echoed through beating the drums for war.  As in 2013, a similar accusation against Assad, that called for a similar assault from then president Obama, went on to be debunked and exposed as fake, shortly after the people of the US stood up and overwhelmingly opposed a Syrian conflict at that time.

The true story however, is that Hillary Clinton had already almost commanded the next orders of business only hours before the strikes, during her first interview appearance since her loss in the 2016 US presidential campaign;

“I really believe we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.”

In another turn of events, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had already made a grave statement, announcing that getting rid of Assad will be a measurement that the US was already undertaking.

This in turn has been seen by the Russians as a spark for potential conflict, since they warned that they will shoot down US jets, should said jets attack Syria.

To truly appreciate the severity of this situationPrime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the strikes put the world’s two biggest nuclear-armed powers “on the verge of a military clash” and dashed any remaining hopes that President Donald Trump would bring an improvement in relations. Russia suspended an agreement with the U.S. to avoid hostile incidents in the skies above Syria and vowed to step up air defenses there.

The next step is where things get absolutely horrifying as the Putin mobilizes a Russian Warship towards the US navy fleets that the missile attacks originated from.

On that note, it seems many veterans are already speaking out as they did during the 2013 escalation. Specifically Navy vets whom understand what butting heads with a Russian Warship would bring.

However, amid all these attacks, Trump finally gained the love and adoration of the mainstream media machine and the establishment. After all, one thing that is bipartisan amongst Democrats and Republicans is the blood lust for war.

Ending on that note, one can only speculate whether president Trump is a trojan horse that’s already been bought and sold for, or if he had collapsed under the pressure of the Military Industrial Complex.  The fact that Raytheon corp. (which creates the tomahawk missiles which the US used to strike Syria, is a backer of Trump), had their shares go up 2% overnight, certainly begs the question of the former.

However, the latter can also be a truth in step;

“The CIA has spent more than billion dollars a year to arm anti-Assad rebels for years, and the U.S. began bombing Syria in 2014 – the 7th predominantly Muslim country bombed by Obama – and never stopped. Trump had already escalated that bombing campaign, culminating in a strike last month that Syrians say destroyed a mosque and killed dozens. What makes this latest attack new is that rather than allegedly targeting terrorist sites of ISIS and Al Qaeda, it targets the Syrian government – something Obama threatened to do in 2013 but never did.”

In the heat of this military soup, some voices amongst both republican and democratic leadership such as senator Rand Paul (R), and US veteran representative Tulsi Gabbard (D) have stood up against this military aggression.  Russian Warship headed towards US Navy is an alarming tune. And we need more public officials to come out and stand against an intervention in Syria.

Can we assume that perhaps Trump won the battle, but lost the war to the Deep State? Will this lead us to a global conflict with Russia?

If you believe that a Russian Warship headed towards our Navy is just a formal military exercise, please understand that the Russian Prime Minister announced:

“US strike on Syria ‘one step away from military clashes with Russia”

Whether the Russian Warship will actually engage, remains to be seen.

That all being said, there is solace perhaps in that maybe, maybe the president is using a Trump card by bombing an airfield and not destroying it completely as a means for political currency? Maybe there is a silver lining somewhere? In either case, we hope that cooler heads will eventually prevail, and that a conflict with another superpower, or even a primitive power is avoided. More than anything, we hope that the people of Syria can finally rest after a peaceful resolve is contained in Syria.

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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.