Nobody is talking about the fact that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman called in PM Hariri of Lebanon (a functioning country), coerced his escort, forced him to resign on record, and is now detaining him pending trial.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri (a duel citizen of Saudi Arabia) had been invited to what he presumably assumed was a matter that had to deal with his Saudi based company Oger Telecom, in which he was the chairman of the executive committee for.

Unwittingly walking into a Saudi boobytrap, Hariri was then detained after what was reported as a humiliating scolding by Saudi Prince.
Shortly later from that, Hariri had made what was clearly a coerced recording of his resignation, leaving the country of Lebanon on the verge of breaking into leaderless chaos.

Report of Hariri’s aunt pleading for the Saudi Prince’s pardon via phone, a secretary for the crown prince had responded by stating that it is currently a matter of corruption, and up to the courts’ decision.

This practice of kidnapping high-ranking officials is nothing new to the House of Saud, as such matters have been handled in similar if not worse ways.

Interesting to note however that Hariri’s business, Oger Telecom, was deeply tied to his business partner Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, whom was also just reported to have been killed resisting arrest, only two days following Hariri’s detainment.

More troublesome news; rocket from Yemen that was intercepted by the Saudis, has now called on Saudi Arabia to announce that such an attack signifies an “act of war” from Lebanon (by proxy).  As Saudi prince Muhammad Bin Salman wasn’t happy that Lebanon would support Hezbollah going after ISIS, since Saudi Arabia favored (and funded) ISIS in place of Assad’s Syria.

Making the plot even thicker, was the crown prince’s swift arrest of eleven Saudi princes on the same day, and then shortly followed by a fatal helicopter crash of reigned-in Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin.

Consolidation of power, Game of Thrones (Al-Saud Remix), Cleaning the sandbox, or whatever you want to call this (Al-Saud claim it’s anti-corruption), one thing is for certain; in the Middle-East nothing is for certain right now…

A war on Yemen escalating, this Saudi violation against Lebanese sovereignty, Iran/Saudi struggle by way of Proxies (Lebanon and Syria) which in turn is a proxy struggle between US and Russia, internal turmoil within the Saudi family, and you can add on by throwing Israeli geopolitical interests into the proverbial pressure-cooker.  Fears grow that this might be the beginning of an escalated conflict that will draw in super powers.

We do know a few possible scenarios, the Israeli’s and Saudi’s would work on destabilizing Lebanon in hopes of either inserting Israeli troops into the region, or generating enough opposition to dispose Hezbollah. Yemen all but a war at this point, would serve a good reason to occupation by Saudi’s whom could begin subduing a shiite concentration there. Rendering Iran and Syria just slightly more isolated.

On a sidetone, since the reigning in of eleven Saudi princess and Hariri, there were twelve D.C sealed indictments that had been issued by Friday, however that number had just gone up to seventeen as of today. Whether these are related to the Saudis, Podesta/UraniumOne papers, Russiagate, Hillary’s DNC scandal, or something bigger/smaller, has yet to be seen.

Leaked photos of Saudi kidnapping and detainment found here
Seventeen D.C Sealed Indictment documents here.

Why are the major news outlet completely dismissive of these major events?

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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.