News is circulating around Bitcoin Foundation’s founder Roger Ver’s announcement of a new libertarian country, which may very well pave the way for a future with stateless societies.

Libertarians have been pushing the pace in terms of influencing various nations’ perspective with regards to dismantling government, and replacing the state with a voluntary community. There are other movements within the libertarian party that call for similar approaches, such as the Free State Project (Est. 2001), which is pushing for pro-liberty minded individuals to move to New Hampshire and eventually vote for secession.  There are groups as well as individuals that are calling to create their own stateless societies as well.

Ver (one of the earliest digital millionaires) stated: “I’m incredibly excited to be part of this project that will finally create a society based on voluntary interactions instead of government force.”

Many public voices within the libertarian community have been calling what Ron Paul dubbed as “it’s happening”, which is the revolution to change hearts and minds. Rather than focus on changing government itself, or electing the next let-down of a leadership, the goal is to erode the state in order to establish the means for stateless societies; mentally letting go of the very existence of government itself.

Though many still scoff and even warn us of the idea of stateless societies, there is a growing consensus that in order to achieve a truly free, self-governing community based on completely voluntary interactions, stateless societies are absolutely pivotal and necessary.

It’s also worth noting that perhaps this will be the absolute next frontier for the advancement of human civilization.  One financial term that has become a mainstream talking point is “free markets”. Libertarian values rely heavily on the trillions of single inputs that shape the market economy as a whole, and it is the basis of these infinitely natural and voluntary exchanges in which the best possible outcome for humanity as a collective is facilitated.

In accordance to Cision PR Newswire:

“The Free Society Foundation, spearheaded by its founder Olivier Janssens and other prominent libertarian and cryptocurrency figures, announced its plans today to form the world’s first libertarian country… They are in preliminary talks with governments to purchase sovereignty and autonomy over a piece of land. ‘When we started contacting governments, interest was much higher than initially anticipated,’ says Mr. Janssens, who has been working on the project for the past several years.”

Janssens stated that their project is currently holding $100,000,000.00 USD in private funds, which they plan on utilizing to establish their country.

With regards to where this stateless nation will be founded, The Cointelegraph reported:

“The locations being evaluated include areas with safe, conflict-free areas, proximity to economic centers in the US, Europe, and Asia, and accessibility by water. The team is hoping to offer a stable government with substantial national debt a way to eliminate some of that debt with a land lease to FreeSociety.” 

Should this actually materialize, Network Radio will be among those that relocate.

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Fadi Malkosh

Author: Fadi Malkosh

Fadi Malkosh is the founder of Network Radio.