It’s that time again. The New Year brings a wave of hope and positive attitude and then is squashed with reality just a few weeks later. You’ve seen it. A swarmed gym in January and then a decrease in February. Don’t let this be you.

If you want to be healthy than do everything you can to achieve that. No giving up or resorting to another year of resolutions.

We were inspired by Steve Kamb’s article on Onnit and want to highlight a great way to stay motivated with your fitness goals.


Start with a System

Create a routine that is easy for you to follow and encompasses a lifestyle. Stop focusing on getting fit fast and focus on creating a simple system. “Systems don’t rely on motivation, willpower, or inspiration to operate once they’re set up.”

Your system should be challenging, but doable. If you’re a beginner shoot for beginner goals and work your way up. Aim for a morning walk or hit the gym three times a week to develop your fitness level.

You want to create a lifelong journey rather than a quick fix.


Create a Better Environment

Now that you have your system down, you need to constantly work towards that goal. That means, remove everything getting in your way and add what’s going to benefit you.

Build your environment so that it becomes automatic for you to stop at the gym on your way home from work or go for that morning walk.

Make a conscious effort to create a healthier overall lifestyle. If you can’t put down the junk food, stop buying it. If you’re eating fast food for dinner every night, go grocery shopping and prep your food for the week.


Eat Right

Simple as that.

Kamb shares:

Developing a healthy eating pattern can help you develop a strong routine overall.


Surround Yourself with Winners

Create an inner circle of people that motivate you. You should feel inspired by your friends and they should encourage you to keep going.

Don’t let Debbie Downers drag you down from your success!


Get Up and Go!

Your environment, your group of friends, your daily habits… all of these are important towards you becoming healthy.

Stop delaying your road to a healthier lifestyle and start living!


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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

Sasha Azoqa is a content writer and has been creating multimedia projects since 2014. She studied journalism and film at Cal State Fullerton and received her bachelors degree in communications. She has freelanced with OC Weekly and The Examiner with written articles, photography and short video packages.

Sasha enjoys uncovering local people and events who are making a difference in the world.

She is currently working with Network Radio, an iHeartRadio station, as their blogger. She has her own website that features a collection of written and visual stories on interesting people, places and things. Sasha Azoqa is living in Costa Mesa, California.