Libertarians often face a common phrase when sharing their beliefs or philosophy on a matter: “Of course you believe in that; you are a libertarian.”

Gary M. Galles, professor of economics at Pepperdine University and libertarian, feels the same way. In his article, The Extraordinarily High Burden of Proof for Violating Liberty, he breaks down the difference between the common phrase thrown out by others and what he believes to be the right one.

Galles sheds light on the effects of using this destructive phrase in that it creates a dismissive attitude towards libertarian views. Galles puts it as, “they are frequently expressed in a tone or manner which implies that I support or oppose something only because I am a libertarian, and therefore far enough ‘outside the mainstream’ that my opinion can be dismissed.”

Galles, and many other libertarians, feel this phrase completely shuts down the logic and reasoning behind libertarian views. Galles believes in “the observations and reasons that have convinced [him] of many excellent reasons for a presumption in favor of equal liberty for all.” This has lead him and many others to adopt the phrase “therefore I am libertarian.”

In his article, Galles shares an experience between himself and student. To answer the student’s objection, Galles shares what “only liberty offers individuals and the society they comprise.” To read these points and the rest of his article, click here. 


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Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

Sasha Azoqa is a content writer and has been creating multimedia projects since 2014. She studied journalism and film at Cal State Fullerton and received her bachelors degree in communications. She has freelanced with OC Weekly and The Examiner with written articles, photography and short video packages.

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