The OC Night Market holds its third year of delicious foods and memorable art and dance.

This night event, hosted by the 626 Night Market, is the “original and largest Asian-themed night market in the United States.” They offer food, crafts, games and other activities that represent Orange County.

Families come from all over the OC to enjoy the festivities. Their main goal is to highlight local brands and unify the Orange County community. What better way to unite a community than with food?

A couple of vendors that caught our attention at the OC Night Market were Rolling Ice Creamery and Ice Cream Garden LA (notice our love for all things ice cream).

Rolled ice cream is a trendy and tasty way to enjoy your favorite frozen flavors. One company has been creating these famous rolls since 2015.

Rolling Ice Creamery started with three friends who wanted to find a fresh way to indulge in a sweet dessert. They researched ideas and came to using a sub-zero temperature pan.

With this method they distribute the cream on top of the pan, allowing it to freeze. They scrape off the ice cream into little rolls and voila! This method allows them to create fresh flavors with both crunchy and creamy textures.

They offer catering services with competitive prices through their website. Follow them on Instagram to find out where they pop up next.

Speaking of ice cream, we need to talk about Ice Cream Garden LA. Their flavored dirt cups look exactly like a planted pot, but taste like ice cream.

You can choose from three flavors- dirt cup, beach cup and canyon cup. Each flavor comes with different toppings and cream to compliment the dessert.

They also offer a “Rainbow Grilled Cheese” that tastes as gooey and tasty as it looks.

As the OC Night Market comes to a close, you can catch them at them at the LA County Fair until September 25th. Stay connected through their Facebook and Instagram.

With another year completed, we bid goodbye to the OC Night Market. For more information on vendors and sponsors visit their website. To catch great moments from the summer festivities, head over to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sasha Azoqa

Author: Sasha Azoqa

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