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21st Century Digital Boy with Holly Swenson

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with the author Holly Swenson about her new book, Stop, Drop, Grow, and Glow: Form Deeper and More Joyful Connections with Yourself and Your Children. (Ms. Swenson also holds a BS degree in Nursing and works as a Registered Nurse.) The book is based on her experiences with own family – which includes four sons – during the Covid years, and how she and they coped during and after that disastrous and unnecessary affair and that era’s still ongoing costs. Her book, Ms. Swenson tells of how, in the midst of these long and difficult years, she found the importance of balancing the demands of parenthood with more grace and gentility. In essence she found the means for allowing parents to keep their own lives on an even and happy keel, while also providing increased benefit and stability to the lives of parents and for the children they are responsible for shaping. Ms. Swenson said the approach she developed yielded improvements on both side of the equation. She was able to keep herself motivated and satisfied as a parent, while helping her children by being more approachable, patient, and loving. Ms. Swenson’s book is available at AMAZON and other booksellers.

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