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All The Leaves are Brown with Mike Netter

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Mike Netter one of the leaders of the “Rebuild California Movement”, ( the group whose efforts helped to force a recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom. That organization now has 60,000 members in California. In his efforts with “Rebuild California”, Mr. Netter said that he found that the biggest party in the state – as I many other states – is called “apathy”. But that seems to be changing, he said, “there’s a point when peoples’ backs are so far against the walls” that they suddenly begin to see clearly and understand the hell that is approaching them. One of the prime agents in imposing this sudden clarity is the issue of crime. The problem is so bad in California – especially in the “shithole” of San Francisco – that Newsom’s government and its allies in the media and elsewhere cannot hide the disaster. Californians are also learning that the taxes they pay for education have been wasted; the state of California is ranked, for example, 49th out of 50 nationally. Mr. Netter had a world of other informative and shocking items, such as the fact that the greater Los Angeles area is governed by a Board of just five supervisors who control an annual budget of $445 billion, which seems surely to guarantee a good deal of corruption.

--Mr. Netter now has a Saturday morning radio show on KABC 790 AM in Los Angeles, which is later available as a podcast.

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