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America: From Good Guys to Bad Guys with Michael Waller

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with international affairs expert Michael Waller, who works at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.



From heroic to treasonous in little less than three-five years (1991-2024), how could that be? For the CIA, Mr. Waller explained, it actually began during the four-communist riddled Roosevelt administrations, through the organization of the Agency’s predecessor the Office of Special Services (OSS), led by General William Donovan, which – along with the FBI-- condoned and supported British covert action inside the United States against American citizens who opposed getting into another European war by defaming, blackmailing, setting up, and perhaps killing loyal Americans. The most flagrant and odious destruction of an American citizen was, of course, that of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and his organization, which was called “America First”, against whom Roosevelt, Hoover, Donovan, and Britain’s intelligence chief in NYC, William Stephenson, coordinated to destroy Lindbergh and America First by falsely painting them as pro-Nazi. Since then, it seems, destroying America First organizations in America has become something of a favorite presidential hobby.


European and American communists also lent a helping hand against America during the Roosevelt administration. General Donovan was given a deputy as gift by the British intelligence agency Mi6, named Richard Ellis. Mr. Ellis, at the time of his arrival at OSS, had been working for Stephenson in New York and at the British Embassy in Washington, while simultaneously serving as a Soviet mole inside Mi6.  He thus acquired the perhaps unprecedented stature as a pro-Stalin spy inside the U.S. and British intelligence agencies.


Mr. Wallers book follows the trail of the FBI, OSS, and CIA from the c. 1920 until today. He discusses how, over the years, the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse, and many other communists grew influential in most prestigious U.S. universities, which in turn trained students in an anti-American mindset and sent them off to staff much of the federal bureaucracy, where they served as a solvent to patriotism and over decades built a bureaucracy that is now the murderous heart of the deep state. Mr. Waller’s book is both an enthralling and educational read, instructing the reader how the deep-state was born, how it was cultivated, and why it has intentionally dragged the U.S. republic to the brink of annihilation.





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