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America Has Become The Human-Trash Receptacle Of The Globe

An international dumpster of worldly rejects, if you will.

Anyone (and everyone) can just walk in here and contribute nothing more than being an uncivilized burden on society.

No talent, no education, no vaccine, and no financials necessary.

Not even a background check; come one come all…

The American-Jewish community seems to be the most exceptional proponent of what is labeled as a “multicultural“ push.

In recent years they specifically have been using many of their NGOs to “help“ Muslims migrate as refugees, in droves. Especially throughout Europe, America, and Australia.

I guess the Jews must have reconciled their differences with their Islamic enemies. But of course only after they got the US to blow the Middle East into the Stone Age and make barbarians out of the now bankrupt US Military... mostly because we had to spend two decades fighting the Islamic terrorism that we used to hear about NON-STOP.

Thankfully that rhetoric would be considered “Islamophobic” in today’s age. Now you must let those poor folks in, no questions asked; surely after spending twenty+ years galavanting around globe, sending drones that rain hell-fire missiles which have incinerated innocent women and children in schools, buses, and even funerals, wouldn‘t fuel these Muslim refugees with any grievance against the US. Just let them all in.

I do wonder if these Jewish-Americans would promote and help conduct the same progressive migration laws for their country of Israel though. Does Israel allow open borders and mass influx of Muslim and other third world refuge? Or are they protected by the most awesome Godless wall, paid for by the American tax payer 10x over?

Basically Jewish people can have an ethnostate, but White Europeans whom are specifically Christian should have no identity at all, and if they try to, they are racist. That is the conclusion here.

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