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America’s Clash of Civilizations with Vincent James

Updated: May 19

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with conservative podcaster Vincent James. Mr. James spoke with some emphasis about Israel, and its interference in U.S. domestic affairs either via their intelligence services or via its surrogate organizations in the United States – especially the odious ADL, AIPAC, and the Southern Poverty Law Center – as well as the thorough-going corruption of various U.S. institutions, especially both Houses of the U.S. Congress. Israel’s U.S. controlled assets in the U.S. Congress and law-makers at the state level to deny government contracts to any citizen or company who urges divesting in the Israeli economy. At least 37 states now have such Israel-First laws. Mr. James also spoke about the ongoing population replacement campaign being conducted by the Biden Administration, the Democratic Party, the media and by both houses of Congress.  From a global view, Mr. James pointed out that the now ongoing clash of civilizations is not recognized by enough Americans. Flooding America with foreigners who will never assimilate – Europe is in the same fix, also arranged by their rulers – is the fuel with which these civilization clashes will increase in ferocity and lethality. For people interested in knowing how our current nightmare came about, Mr. James suggests reading two books by the late historian/political scientist Samuel Huntington: (a) The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1993) and (b) Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identity (2004). Both books are available at Amazon in inexpensive paperback editions.

Mr. James is well worth a listen, particularly by those concerned about America’s ability to survive. His mention of Professor Huntington’s work is particularly helpful, as both books provide a sound estimate of where the republic and the Western world stands today. Indeed, Dr. Mike recalls discussing Clash of Civilizations when he was a federal bureaucrat, raising the point that the book was key to figuring out where the world has headed. Many of his colleagues agreed on the high-importance of the book, but the upper managerial levels wanted no part of Huntington’s astoundingly accurate preview of what would happen to the West if its governments continued to ignore reality’s steady downward trend. Then called “political correctness”, this reaction yielded a failure to grab Huntington’s helping hand and hang on tight.

--Mr. James podcast is published on Odysee and is available on many other sites.

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