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America’s Last Stand with Drew Thomas Allen

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with author Drew Thomas Allen about his new book America's Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024. Mr. Allen opened our discussion by frankly stating that "by any metric Americans were better off under Trump." That better state disappeared because the Democrats and their allies stole the 2024 presidential election, as well as because so many clearly stupid Americans eagerly gave up prosperity, national security, and their family's welfare and security because of "mean tweets".

Beyond these points, Mr. Allen specifically noted that Americans must keep focused on the fact that the current problems of America are nearly all the result -- and responsibility -- of intentional actions by Biden, his administration, and their legal, military, congressional, big business, and banking leaders, social-media owners, a shilling media, their foreign allies among, whom child-abuse and trafficking reign supreme, and Democrat-owned marxist and gender-mad professors. Their anti-American actions include:

--Destroying U.S. energy independence; intentionally discrediting long-respected U.S. governing institutions. --Flooding the country with illegal aliens who are anti-American and will never assimilate. --Rampant government-backed censorship of words and statements protected under the Constitution. --Demented governments-at-all-level attacks on the greatest Bill of Rights amendment, the 2nd. --The irrefutable fact that almost all members of both parties have proven that their hatred for Trump was based on his determination that America would no longer fight unnecessary and always-lost interventionist wars overseas.

This reality can be seen in the weapons and money and pouring into the long-ago-lost Ukraine war, and a recent eagerness to send $14.5 billion Israel -- which owns the Congress -- to help that country defend itself by, as Netanyahu says, wiping out the Palestinians according to instructions found in Old Testament texts.

Mr. Allen summed it up by saying that all right-thinking, loyal Americans must now think and act as the "Patriots of 2024" because if they do not carry the day in 2024, there will be no more chances to preserve the republic.

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