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America’s Most Lethal Enemies are Domestic with Mac Warner

The Two Mikes were today joined by Mac Warner, a republican running for the governor’s seat in West Virginia.

Mr. Warner had a 23-year career as an officer in the U.S. Army, and served on battlefields in Afghanistan and elsewhere. He also a Constitutional lawyer and a staunch Christian.

Mr. Warner also speaks directly, claiming clearly that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, that America’s most lethal enemies are those who work in the senior levels of the federal government and both houses of congress. He argued that the federal government’s eagerness to determine issues on the basis of “equity” is a brain-dead approach to governing. It amounts to partisan politicians picking winners and losers.

Equity guarantees outcomes not equality, which does nothing but put jackasses in positions that are far above what their IQs indicate they can handle, discriminates against high-achievers of all races, and erases the proving ground of completion, thereby enshrining abject mediocrity.

Mr. Warner also said that there must always be a place for tradition in American society, and no area is more of a need of a return to tradition is the once dominate American belief that God’s system is a divine creation – not a human one – that sets for man the outlines and requirements of how decent, honorable, and responsible life must be lived. Sponsors

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