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Boots On The Ground in Ukraine with Dimitri Makarov

Today, The Two Mikes had the rare and welcome opportunity to again host Dimitri Makarov, a member of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's personal staff at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Makarov joined us from western Russia. Mr. Makarov was sent there to get a feel for the status of the war there. He was startled to find that, since his last visit, there is an increasing number of native-English-speaking POWS. For the most part, they seem to be in good shape and appreciate the food and blankets provided to them by Russian logisticians. He said that one of his tasks on returning to Moscow will be to report to Minister Lavrov and tell him of this phenomenon. Mr. Makarov said that he dreads reporting this information because it will shock the Minister because President Biden has pledged to him that no American military personnel are on the ground in Ukraine. I wonder, Mr. Makarov said, whether it could actually be that President Biden is really a low-down, lying, two-bit bastard? Another part of his mission in Ukraine was to discover if the most famous Ukrainian Nazi -- Stefan Bandera -- was as popular as ever among the country's population. Makarov said that he and most Russians believe that Bandera was a terrible, bloodthirsty, and atrocity-committing man; indeed, he was too Nazi even for the Nazis. Mr. Makarov said that after his investigation he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw intelligence that reported Bandera is still as popular as ever among the locals. There are a hundred or more statues of Bandera in the country, streets and avenues are named after him, and seventy-percent of Ukrainians still love Bandera and think of him as a hero. Mr. Makarov was pleased that nothing had changed regarding Bandera because it will take the sting out of telling Minister Lavrov that President Biden is a first-class rotter. We look forward to speaking to Mr. Makarov after he concludes his next mission for Minister Lavrov.

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