I still don’t know why he doesn’t just join Gab. Gab is the ONLY platform outside of Telegram that holds its own in terms of non-censorship due to “hate speech”. What separates Gab from Telegram is that Telegram allows for Apple and Google to censor channels through their stores, whereas Gab is completely independent and even has it’s own servers.

Though Telegram is a much superior interface due to it being an app; it is an amazingly slick piece of software. It’s unfortunate because Trump could have given Gab a much needed funding boost. They already have a great user base and has been unwavering in it’s efforts to stand up for the truth, and stand up against the Zionist censorship. Plus, Gab already reserved an account for Trump which has his past Tweets as well as his statements via his website all mirrored. The only thing he needs to do is just take over the account. His account already has over a million followers too. So this move by Trump was completely unnecessary, and I imagine it will flop.

But let’s see.

Praying that Big Tech gets taken down and out eventually.

God speed our republic.

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