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Capitalist vs Socialist with Dr. Rainer Zitelmann

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with the renowned German author and economist Rainer Zitelmann about

the troubled western economies, including that of the United States. Dr. Zitelmann said he had come to defend capitalism and to warn of the dangers that it currently faces. He said that in Europe and the United States capitalism is now seen as serious problem that needs to fixed – with a socialist remedy -- rather than as the reliable regime of growth and ever broader prosperity that it always has been. It almost seems, Dr. Zitelmann said, that few recall the economic “accomplishments” socialism. At the

time of the USSR’s collapse, for example, East Germans wanting to buy a car had to wait 12.5 to 17 years

for its delivery, and then the car they received was all but worn out. At the same point in time only 27-

percent of East Germans lived in a place where toilet facilities were not shared, and only 16-percent of

East Germans had their own telephones. A refreshed Reaganite world economy would create societies where individuals could again become masters of their own fate and not just exist as self-pitying victims.

In such a scenario, consumer choice we again be a dominating power and planned economies would

receive the scuppering they merit. As an example of the process, Dr. Zitelmann said that he just returned from giving a seminar in Vietnam, where he found it was harder to find a Marxist that it was in

the United States our Europe. He also said that polls in that country find that 80-percent of the

Vietnamese admire Americans who have the courage to make capitalism work in their interests.

--Dr. Zitelmann’s essay on some of the above issues can be found at:


--Dr. Zitelmann also has made two videos documenting and depicting life under a Marxist government.

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