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CO2 Reduction Promotes Global Starvation with Chris Skates

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Chris Skates who has been a Chemist for over thirty years and has focused on power generation.

He also has been an energy adviser and speechwriter on energy for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Dr. Skates said that Americans are being taken for an expensive and eventually disastrous ride by the climate changers and the governments that support/fund them.

He said, of course, that nuclear energy is the safest, cleanest, and least-expensive source of power for America, but the politicians have sold most of our uranium-enrichment capacity to foreigners. Recall Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Robert Mueller's quiet operation to sell nuclear-power materials to the Russians. Dr. Skates also said the costs of cutting CO2 is enormously expensive and every reduction in the amount of that gas in the atmosphere will promote starvation and population reduction around the world. The climate fraudsters are also conducting a plan called “Carbon Dioxide Sequestration" which is a process that requires the construction of enormous and enormously expensive machines -- "Direct Air Capture Machines" -- to take CO2 out of the air and then bury it. Again this process is meant to starve people and reduce population.

Dr. Skates also reminded us and our listeners that not only have the Obama and Biden administrations closed coal-fired electricity production plants, but they have also "spiked" them so they can never be used again. Overall, "Going Green" is an anti-scientific program being conducted by fanatics for the sole purposes of greed and population reduction.

On a lighter note, Dr. Skates also noted that he is a novel writer, and recently published a book about his grandfather, who led the dangerous effort to close down moonshining in Georgia because of its severely negative impact on alcoholism among men, as well as on on their wives and children who suffered from the uselessness and destructiveness of alcoholic husbands and fathers.

The book is called Moonshine Over Georgia. In an era when politicians and civil servants tend to be cowards and thieves, the story of a brave, determined and successful civil servant serves as a painful reminder of what we have lost and must recover.

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