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Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory

Today, The Two Mikes had the great pleasure of again welcoming the Polish journalist Mike Krupa back to the program.

Based in Poland, Mr. Krupa has had a bird’s eye view on the Ukraine war since it began. He said that it seemed pretty obvious to many Poles – and many Europeans across the EU – that Russian President Putin and his army had prevailed over Belinsky’s fascist regime. He also noted that in Poland’s recent parliamentary elections, three right-of-center parties formed a coalition and now had a majority in parliament

Mr. Krupa said that he thought that the new majority was a little less warlike, being only neocons, not neocons on steroids.

He also said that he was finding that the “all in for Ukraine” common in the EU ate the war’s start ins slowly but surely fading. We also discussed the Israel-Palestine war, and together pondered if the widespread Pro-Palestinian demonstrations and rallies in the North America and Europe might at last focus the attention of politicians on the fact that in both regions the “all in for Israel” allegiance seem to have begun withering. In regard to the United States, Mr. Krupa noted, quite accurately, that there will be strong wings of pro-Israel support as long as Pastor Hagee and his Christion Zionist diehards are active, and Jewish-Americans continue to behave, speak, and donate like they are Israelis and not Americans.

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