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Dark To Light with Jack Maxey

Today, The Two Mikes welcomed back Jack Maxey for un update on his investigation into the

corruption of the Biden administration. Mr. Maxey said that he had discovered that the CIA’s

investment company – called InQtel – turns out to have been the owner of the Ukrainian

company Metabiota, whose laboratories developed and manufactured substances used in

chemical and biological weapons. The U.S. government provided cover for these labs by making

them appear to be offices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture working on Ukraine’s

agricultural problems. Metabiota also was listed as an InQtel’s investment portfolio. He also

found that the CIA also was investing in the Wuhan Laboratory. Mr. Maxcy also said that U.S.

and British scientists were working inside the Wuhan Lab. Hunter Biden, of course, is the person

who connected Metabiota to China’s version of the CDC. Mr. Maxy also said that it is increasingly apparent that Obama spent both of his terms in office weaponizing the U.S. government against the republic’s citizenry.

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1 opmerking

jacks audio is a mess. plz don't let guests continue when audio is THAT BAD. please. btw, The fake 'Colonel' we hear well. grr. . ha Curious, are you a Real Col.? or the Colonel Saunders variety, extra crispy? Were u part of MIKE Force battalion? 'Col Mike' MIKE FORCE was code for The mobile strike and reaction forces that subsequently evolved became an integral element of Special Forces operations throughout Vietnam until late 1972. I call bullshit. #solenvalor SENIOR CHIEF DON SHIPLEY needs to be put on speed dial #stolenvalor

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