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Defeating The Great Reset with Kevin Freeman

The Two Mikes had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Kevin D. Freeman, a veteran specialist in global investing and the author of the new book Pirate Money: Discovering the Founders Plan Hidden Plan for Economic Justice and Defeating the Great Reset. Mr. Freeman explained that America’s Founders were “hard money” men, insisting the new nation’s currency be based on gold and silver, but preferably gold. He said that the word dollar was nothing new in the Founders era, it came from Spain’s milled dollars, they were often referred to as “pieces of eight”. The Founders had no use for paper money because it was hard to control but easy to print, and often provided a light to the fuse that started inflation. Hard money, throughout history, has been a medium that – unlike paper money – preserves its own worth. Nothing proves the dangers of paper money, then the fact that the U.S. dollar, which was worth 100 cents in the early 1970s, is now worth only 12 cents of that 1970 dollar. The Biden Administration and some of the richest men and companies on earth now applaud the printing of vast amounts of paper money to bankrupt the United States and allow them to bring in the so-called “Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)”, which, Mr. Freeman noted, is meant to end the citizenry’s privacy and to enable the New World Order to control every facet of their lives. The CBDC will take away the free market, end every individual’s right to privacy, and force each person to make purchases only when their masters agree with it. We have an early example of what would happen under CBDC in Biden’s mandate that all Americans will eventually be forced to drive electric cars. Many people have bought these cars at outrages prices – even with federal subsidies for their makers – only to find that the cannot afford repairs, that some of the cars explode unexpectedly, and that companies like Hertz, having bought 20,000 electric vehicles, – are now trying to sell off their electronic vehicles at reduced prices because few people want to rent them. The CBDC also will help to bring in such anti-democratic anathemas as reparations and other forms of social engineering. Not surprising, given the foregoing, Mr. Freeman’s book has met with an avalanche of bi-partisan admiring reviews from Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Naomi Wolfe, former Senator Jim De Mint, Charlie Kirk, and many others. For the Two Mikes, Mr. Freeman and his work and engaging presentations hold out a lantern that outlines the economic disasters that are at hand, and that must be defeated to ensure of nation that secures life, liberty, individual responsibility, and religious freedom for all Americans.



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