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Doctors are Big Pharma's Sales Force with Ed Morgan

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Ed Morgan, who is a very articulate advocate for American medical patients.

Mr. Morgan noted that not only is healthcare the largest U.S. industry, but that the industry has created an atmosphere – deliberately? – that has made the role of highly-paid medical specialists and very expensive pharmaceuticals the first resort for patients, which has denigrated the essential role that primary care doctors have long played in the medical care of Americans. The reason for this switch, of course, is that for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry their main activity is the “pursuit of wealth”. This reality is boldly underscored by the fact that 80-percent of American doctors work for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. The result of this, Mr. Morgan argues, is that Americans suffer from “over treatment” and “over prescription” and are subject far too often to high-tech medicine when practitioners do not even consider more conservative medical procedures or life-style changes. Mr. Morgan insisted Americans are no longer getting the best medical advice for their own needs. Americans, he said, should look for conservative treatment and specialize in being medical wise. Mr. Morgan’s website is


CARES Act Stimulus

(COVID-19) Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC):

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