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Dr. Bailey vs The Abominable Virus #19

Today, The Two Mikes had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Sam Bailey, who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with her doctor-husband and two children. Dr. Bailey described the intense pressures and attacks she has been subjected to since she determined that the Covid vaccine would hurt people and said so publicly, as well as on her YouTube channel called "Dr. Sam Bailey", where she presents videos on medical topics. After announcing her decision about the dangers of the vaccinations -- and noting that masks and social distancing were ineffective -- she received a call from her place of employment telling her she no longer should report for work for speaking out against the government's wishes, this after more than a dozen years of working there. New Zealand's Ministry of Health watched her videos for six months before beginning to try and take her medical license, and then conducted a show trial against her, complete with biased expert witnesses. This is a vendetta that continues to attack her, but she has so far been able to keep her license, although at a substantial financial cost. Dr. Sam also experienced a good deal of shunning from former friends because of her beliefs and has become isolated from most of them. Listeners will find that Dr. Bailey is very precise in her claims about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry; the great and greatly negative influence that the Rockefellers' exert on medical schools worldwide; and the strangling control that the Federation of Medical Boards has over licensing boards for doctors around the world. Dr. Bailey said that her entire experience with Covid has strengthened her character, the closeness of her family, and her Christian faith, adding that she intends to continue to speak and publish her medical findings and beliefs, come what may.

-Dr. Bailey is the co-author of a book called Virus Mania, which is available at Amazon.

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