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Dr. Moore Co-Founder of Green Peace Smashes The Climate Alarmists

This week The Two Mikes are playing a very recent show that we just had on our own podcast. We thought that this interview with. Dr. Patrick Moore, a renowned expert on the world’s climate and other scientific fields, and a man who is never afraid to outspokenly speak out about a scientific fraud when he sees one, should be heard by as many people as possible. Dr. Moore surely sees the fraud that is being pushed as fact by the Nazi climate fanatics, and we wanted to share Dr. Moore’s warnings and wisdom with our audience. Dr. Moore’s commonsense and expertise helps all of us to clearly see the rank falsity that the climate frauds are peddling.

Dr. Moore warns that today’s climate-change advocates “scientists” – really fanatics – are peddling a

climate emergency that is non-existent, one that is meant to terrorize people around the world. These

culprits are nothing more than hired assassins who are making every effort to kill a one-hundred-and-

fifty years of reliable climate science, and replace it with the human-killing tool of fake science. Of many shining examples of this campaign of lies is the so-called scientists' claim that Carbon Dioxide is the main culprit behind a form of climate-change that threatens life on earth. This is a one-hundred percent lie. The truth of long-settled science shows that the elimination of large amounts of Carbon Dioxide is the surest means available to disastrously harm life on earth and to cut deeply into agricultural production and tree-cover around the world. Dr. Moore warns that climate-change champions, not those who challenge them, are the true climate Nazis and are preaching lies that – if followed – makes it clear that they are lying and are in the pay of many semi-Fascist world governments and universities that yearn to create a gigantic and effective “crime against humanity”. The plan for fixing climate-change” amounts to a deliberate plan to execute world population annihilation. Dr. Moore very clearly outlines the multiple lies of the climate scientists, lies that in essence “rape science”: (a.) only an idiot could believe that cows and other farm animals are causing climate change; (b.) all evidence shows that the earth is in an ice age and not a warming age; (c.) there is no situation in which carbon monoxide can be associated with global warming; and (d.) there is no way that renewable-energy sources – wind, solar, and tidal – will ever amount to more than one-third of the energy the world requires, and then only when it is not nighttime, cloudy, or minimally windy. All told, Dr. Moore concluded, the fake climate scientists and their paymasters are “building a dark future for all of the world.” They must be stopped.

Dr. Moore recently published a very pertinent book titled: Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom. Another of his books is called Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout; Both books can be bought at Amazon in hardcover, paperback, or Kindle editions. Sponsors

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