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For a change of pace, today's episode of The Two Mikes was a discussion of affairs at home and abroad between Colonel Mike and Dr. Mike. In a rather helter-skelter manner, we spoke of the minor league team that Biden sent to New York to speak with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. Unless they are carrying a U.S. surrender signed by Biden, Lavrov will eat them alive. We also examined the insanity of Democrat presidents in dealing with Europe as if the republic was still their colony. The Ukraine war is the third European war since 1917 in which Democratic presidents have unnecessarily insisted on our participation: Wilson (World War 1), Roosevelt (World War 2), now Biden (Ukraine). Also worthy of mention is Truman, who not only allowed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to be ratified -- which today requires the United States to go to war to protect nearly 30 European countries -- but also took us into war in Korea without any consultation with Congress, which was more than a bit on the unconstitutional side. We also discussed that there have been two civil wars in this country, one between British Americans and their mother country and the other -- it too unconstitutional -- between the North and independence-seeking Confederacy. On the point of an approaching civil war, we suggested that listeners might be interested in what is one the top three of the republic's most important founding documents. This document was written by Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson and is called "On the Necessity of Taking-up Arms, July 1775". It is available with no charge at: Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus (COVID-19) Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC):

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