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European Authoritarianism with Mike Krupa

Updated: Feb 9

Today, The Two Mikes spoke again with Mike Krupa a well-known Polish journalist/broadcaster and soon to be the esteemed holder of a Ph.D. in history.

In our short discussion, we focused first on the return of the EU’s favorite Polish politician Donald Tusk to the Polish government, now serving again as the country’s prime minister.

Tusk was previously the Polish prime minister from 2012-to-2019, and then served as the President of the EU’s European Council from December, 2015 to November 2019.

Just after re-assuming government’s prime minister’s post, Tusk closed several of the county’s major-public sector news, television, and radio organizations, claiming that they need to be restructured, probably meaning that those sources were offering to much criticism of the EU and not enough strong support for NATO’s anti-Russian war in Ukraine.

Soon after this action, the Polish Minister of Interior arrested two members of the country’s members of parliament who were on their way to attend an event in which Tusk would be present. It is not clear of what, if any, role Tusk played in the arrests. 

Mr. Krupa noted that, generally, the Polish people and the people of many other EU member nations are slowly growing more nervous about what seems to be the increasing authoritarianism that is appearing in the words and actions of EU leaders and its institutions.

Music Credit: Buffalo Springfield - For What it's Worth

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