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Food Freedom is Freedom with Roy Ramey

Updated: May 19

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Roy Ramey who is running in the race to become the Commissioner of Agriculture in the West Virginia's Department of Agriculture.

Mr. Ramey is a Christian, a family man, a reliable defender of the U.S. Constitution, a food freedom advocate, and a combat-experienced/decorated Lt. Colonel (ret'd) in the U.S. Army.

Mr. Ramey is himself a small farmer, and believes that agriculture is key to not only the state's economic vitality but to the future food security for all West Virginia's 1.7 million citizens. The goal of "food security", Mr. Ramey said, is a major reason why he is running for the post of Commissioner of Agriculture, especially because West Virginia has lost 1,112 farms since 2017.

Mr. Ramey also said that he would resolutely oppose those who are seeking to vaccinate cattle with MRNA and want to attach electric tags into the ears of farm animals.

Likewise, Mr. Ramey is ready to oppose all of the idiocy about killing cows and other farm animals by the U.S. government, the UN, the Globalists, and the World Economic Forum (WEF) so as to meet the weird demands of the fraudulent science that forms the basis of the great lie called Climate Change.

Mr. Ramey said that while he is staunch supporter of clean soil and clean water for farmers and all West Virginians, he will oppose unconstitutional efforts to interfere in the conduct and progress of agricultural in West Virginia, and will be on the lookout to stop any Chinese efforts to buy up farmlands in the state, as they have in other states. Music Credits: Olafur Arnalds


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