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Full-Scale Marxist US Revolution with Xi Vanfleet

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Xi Vanfleet (@xivanfleet) who has written a book that should be read by every American who is interested in preserving the republic.


Mrs. Vanfleet immigrated to the United States after the death of Chairman Mao, but in the years she lived in China she lived through Mao's murderous cultural revolution.


Mrs. Vanfleet is now a staunch U.S. citizen and her book is called Chairman Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning. Having lived through China's cultural revolution, Mrs. Vanfleet explains in her book that Americans must wake up to the fact that their society is now undergoing "a full-scale Marxist revolution" that is being claimed by the Democrats and the Woke to be a simple attempt to promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness -- the slavery and death machine known as DEI.


Mrs. Vanfleet argues that the educational and political systems of the United States has been growing steadily more Marxist since Lenin began funding the Communist Party of the United States in 1919. Interestingly, Moscow did not start funding the CCP until 2021. Just as in Mao's cultural revolution, today's U.S. cultural revolution the educational system -- especially through the bastardization of history -- has replaced republicanism with communism, and this is shown graphically by the preference of the Democrats and their domestic and foreign allies for tyrannical governance over democracy; the encouragement and celebration of widespread and pointless violence; the definition of all Americans as either the oppressors or the oppressed, and identifying -- in the American case -- minority groups of all sorts as the heroic oppressed and all whites as the oppressors who must be wiped out -- the so called victimized of yesterday are duty bound to become the victimizers of today.


Mrs. Vanfleet says there are many steps needed to counteract and eventually destroy this American cultural evolution, but none is more important than ending taxpayer funding for universities -- especially those that are ranked as the most prestigious.





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